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Set on a large and attractive campus The Millennium School offers students a stimulating learning environment with a variety of features and facilities. The school strives to provide all basic requirements from books and transport to prompt medical attention in an environment that is safe, happy and comfortable for its students.

Math & Science Laboratories  

The school has distinct and separate science laboratories for practical sessions in  Physics, Chemistry, Home Science and Biology, in accordance with the CBSEi curriculum. The labs  offer modern and excellent equipment where our students are encouraged to use their analytical and creative skills through research and experimentation.

Apart from the Middle and Secondary School, students of the Primary School also have regular laboratory sessions.





Information and Communication Technology is an integral part of the curriculum at The Millennium School from  Grade 1 onwards. ICT is introduced as a tool to enrich students’ knowledge base, problem-solving and communication skills. Students are also exposed to a variety of other practical applications of ICT, including the Internet and various apps that are vital in today’s technology-oriented world.

All classes are equiped with SMART boards.BYOD program is slowly being implemented throught the school. Students are encouraged to incoperate techonology on their learning.


Laptop Trolleys

An additional feature are the laptop trolleys where individual students or an entire class can avail of the laptops placed in trolleys for use in their classrooms. The work can then be transferred onto an USB and taken home for reference.


The Library  

The Millennium School has a spacious and well-resourced library that provides students with opportunities to discover the enchanting world of knowledge. Our rich collection of books is updated regularly and students are encouraged to make full use of this facility to develop a love for books from an early age.



Sporting Areas

The school has two basketball courts, a tennis court, a turfed football field , a swimming pool,a baby pool and an indoor multi-purpose hall.





Zone Millenia and Play Pen

The school provides a well equipped and child friendly rumpus room and play pen for the pupils of primary and junior school.






                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Voice  Lab, Art Room and Dance & Movement Room

The school provides a voice lab equipped with the latest musical instruments to nurture the musical skills of the pupils.The school also has another  well-equipped music room for the use of  junior and primary students.



The school also has an excellent art room and dance & movement room for the use of the pupils.


Our school canteen offers a range of healthy snacks and beverages at affordable prices. Hygienic standards are maintained at all times and children are encouraged to develop healthy eating habits while steering clear of food that is not nutritious.


Medical Centre

The school has a well equipped and cheerful clinic. A doctor and four nurses are present at all times are take care of the health and well being of our children. Regular medical checkups and immunization is taken care of in the clinic. All cases of injury or illness receive immediate medical attention.





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